F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG Switzerland

Dr Christoph Sarry
Dr Christoph Sarry
Global Alliance Director 

Faes Farma, S. A. Spain

Faes Farma, a Spanish pharma company founded in 1933, with strong presence in Spain and Portugal and a growing international presence in many countries, including LatAm. Faes includes a total of 1200 employees.

Faes is devoted to R&D, development, manufacturing, promoting and marketing of Rx and OTC products, and Animal health nutrition business.

2017 Net sales 275 mill €, mainly coming from Spain and Portugal pharma & OTC activity, international business and Animal Health units.

Faes is looking for in-licensing opportunities in phase III or commercialization stage, both RX and OTC products. Areas of interest: Bone & Metabolism, GI, Derma, Paediatrics, Allergy, Gynea. 

Mr Xavier Arnaud
Mr Xavier Arnaud
Corporate Director of Business Development 
Mrs Loreto Alvarez-Cedron
Business Development and Alliance Senior Manager 

Fair-Med Healthcare AG Switzerland

Mr Oren Weininger
Dr Oren Weininger

Fair-Med Healthcare GmbH Germany

Dr Albert Schaper
Managing Director 

Fidia Farmaceutici S.p.A. Italy

Fidia Pharma is a dynamic pharmaceutical company, involved in the development, manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceutical products to over 100 markets around the world through its Subsidiaries and Strategic Partners.

We are the leading company in Italy & Middle East in Osteoarthritis, Pain management, Wound Care and Ophthalmology, and in line with our Fidia Pharma 2025 mission, we're aiming to continue our growth'strend in Europe.

To accomplish that, we are looking for long-term Strategic Partners to distribute and promote our product portfolio in Advanced Wound Care management, Women Health and Ophthalmology.

We offer:

Joint Care portfolio:

- proprietary Hyaluronic Acid based injectable solution (1,3 and 5 injections) for OsteoArthritis;

- newly developed Food Supplements (Cartijoint®) for the protection of articular cartilage;


- Large offer of recently taken over n°2 Italian Ophthalmics company. Products are mainly based on

Hyaluronic Acid and Liposomes and have Dry Eye, Evaporative and Trauma indications. Licensing rights worldwide available for discussion.

Pain & Advanced Wound Care Management:

- Itami®: proprietary Diclofenac Sodium salt patches, creams (Itami Trauma Plus®) and foams (Itamidol ®) for the local treatment of painful and inflammatory pathologies of rheumatic or traumatic origin of the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

- Hyalo4® Family: Hyalo4 Start®, Hyalo4 Control®, Hyalo4 Skin®, Hyalo4 Plus®. Proprietary Hyaluronic Acid Salt based solutions for a wide range of chronic and traumatic wounds.

Women HealthCare:

- proprietary anti-vaginal dryness gel, Hyalofemme®, with clinically proven efficacy.


- IAL-SYSTEM®, thanks to the visco-elastic and hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, is indicated for

cutaneous rejuvenation, since, besides providing medium-lasting correction of cutaneous deficiencies, it

increases the turgidity and the elasticity of the skin.

IAL-SYSTEM ACP® is indicated for a medium lasting corrective action on minor soft tissue defects such as

facial fine lines. It improves skin turgidity and elasticity, giving a rejuvenating effect to the skin.

IAL-SYSTEM DUO® is indicated for long-term correction of medium and deeper skin imperfections, such as horizontal forehead wrinkles and lines around the nose and mouth, as well as to restore volume to lips and other parts of the face. Besides the filling effect, IAL-SYSTEM DUO® improves skin firmness and elasticity, making it look younger.

IAL-SYSTEM® LIPSTICK is indicated for local management of damaged, cracked, and dry lips, even as a result of drug treatments. It can also be used for management of stressed and dry lips following aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers.

We are interested in:

Identifying long term Partners to out-license our product portfolio in Advanced Wound Care management, Women Health, Pain management and Ophthalmology.

We are NOT interested in:

IN Licensing products

Mr Luca Meucci
LinkedIn logo International Area Manager 


Founded in 1985 in Brembate (Bergamo, Italy)as a laboratory for the study of fluid bed granulation technology and its applications
for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, Fine Foods & Pharmaceuticals N.T.M. continued as a contract manufacturer for oral solid forms dedicated for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets.
FineFoods develops and manufactures formulations in all solid oral forms (powder, granules,tablets film-coated or not, hard-gel capsules) and virtually in every kind of packaging: sachets,sticks, bags, bottles, blisters, jars, tubes and strips.

today, fine foods ntm is one of the biggest independent italian contract manufacturer for nutraceuticals and an increasingly important player in the pharmaceutical market, with more than 450 employees, more than 200 customers and a global turnover close to 110 million € and 3 production plants.

We offer:

- contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and medical devices;
- license out of our ctd's and formulations; cross-license of ctd's; in-license of ctd in order to manufacture in our plants;
- update of old dossiers to ctd format as well as commissioning of clinical studies all with the purpose to manufacture finished products;
- collaboration and partnership with development companies;
- collaboration and partnership with api producers/traders who develop ctd's;
- contract manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices);
- back-up contract manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices);
- (co)development of formulations (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, medical devices)










I’m looking for…….



We are interested in:

- collaboration and partnership with development companies;
- collaboration and partnership with API producers/traders who develop CTD's;
- contract manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Medical Devices);
- back-up contract manufacturing (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Medical Devices);
- (co)development of formulations (pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, Medical Devices)

We are NOT interested in:

- oncologics;
- biotechnology;
- betalactams and, in general, antibiotics;
- liquids (sterile/non sterile);
- production of clinical batches if not part of a complete development project