Galderma Switzerland

Dr Nicolas Rachinel
Licensing Project Manager 
Dr Johannes Voegel
Head of External Early-Stage Opportunities 

Genericon Pharma Gesellschaft m.b.H. Austria

Mrs Albena Hubmann
Head of Business Development 

GeneriNobel GmbH Germany

GeneriNobel is a privately owned pharmaceutical company, based in Germany, which outlicenses generic drugs (Rx) and OTC developments for the European market.

Key therapeutic areas are cardiovascular diseases, central nervous system and metabolism. GeneriNobel has a focus on dossier development, registration and outlicensing of generic / OTC drugs and represents the marketing authorization / dossier portfolio of its partner, the turkish multinational pharmaceutical company Nobel Ilaç (own R&D and manufacturing of APIs and finished products).

We offer:

* Out-licensing of generic / OTC drugs (dossiers) at an advanced stage of regulatory approval procedure, e. g. Rosuvastatin.

* Out-licensing of generic / OTC drugs (marketing authorisations / dossiers) with granted marketing authorisations in Germany and which are available for further registration procedures in Europe, e. g. Solifenacin, Rasagiline, Duloxetine, Aripiprazole, Memantine, Irbesartan and Irbesartan-HCTZ, Sildenafil, Escitalopram, Pantoprazole and Omeprazole.

We are interested in:

Marketing and Sales companies who are interested to in-license products of our Portfolio.

We are NOT interested in:

* regulatory service providers, IP service providers, legal advisors, APIs.

Dr Wolfgang Bäurle
Managing Director 

George Health Medicines United Kingdom

George Health Enterprises is the commercial arm of The George Institute for Global Health. George Health Medicines (a wholly owned subsidiary of GHE)  is focussed on the late stage development and key territory registration of pharmaceutical products which have resulted from The George Institute's ground-breaking research into the treatment of non-communicable diseases. George Health Medicines is seeking appropriate commercial partners globally for the medicines which it developes. The short term pipeline includes innovative medicines for the prophylaxis of cardiovascular disease and for the primary treatment of hypertension and Type II diabetes.

Dr Karl Roberts
Dr Karl Roberts
Chief Business Officer 

GHO Capital United Kingdom

Dr Christian Fellowes
Vice President 

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals SA Switzerland

Dr Joseph O'Sullivan
VP and Head of Global BD&L for Innovative Products 

goetzpartners Corporate Finance GmbH Germany

Ulrich Kinzel
Managing Director