Zaltanpharma is an Innovative pharmaceutical company

We are focus on specialist & hospital products

We offer:

 - Experience and proven sales results

- Support of icon Group, leading service company in the healthcare industry

- Presence in Europe and America

We are interested in:

 Prescription drugs to be promoted in our expertise areas:

- Cardiology

- Rheumatology

- Traumatology

- Psychiatry

- Neurology

- Pain/Musculoskeletal

- Gyneacology

- Urology

We are interested in MA to be launched, mature products and products to be acquired.

We are NOT interested in:

 Generics without any innovation in formulation or dosis

Food supplements


Natural/homeopatic products

Branded products earlier than Phase III

Mr Enrique REMEZAL
Mr Enrique REMEZAL
LinkedIn logo CEO 

Zentiva Group, a.s. Czech Republic

Mr Samuel Plintovic
Head of Licensing & Partnerships, Zentiva