Nanjing Sanhome Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd China

Sanhome was founded in 1996; now it has become a key high-tech pharmaceutical enterprise in China, concentrating on drug development, production and marketing. 

Sanhome mainly focuses on drugs for cancer, infection and central nervous system diseases. We have approximately 20 projects at this stage. 3 of them are in clinical trials, and 4 molecules are in pre-clinical stages. More than a dozen effective molecules have been identified.

The mission of Sanhome is Let more people enjoy the joy of health and the enterprise vision is To become the most trustworthy enterprise for doctors and patients by helping patients prolong their life span and improve their quality of life.

Ms Kefan Yao
BD manager 

Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited United Kingdom

Company Description

Napp is part of a privately owned global network of independent associated companies. In Europe, Mundipharma and Napp have sales revenues of over $1bn combined.

We are an asset led, highly entrepreneurial and commercially minded business that is focussed on providing innovative medicines to UK patients across all parts of the NHS. We are ambitious to be a leading partnership selling organisation; creating strong and effective partnerships with commercial partners, healthcare providers and patients.

Structured in Business Units around our four commercial platforms of Primary Care, Specialty Care, Biosimilars and Branded Generics, we are able to make fast decisions and focus on the right products in the right areas.

Qdem, our branded generics house is a wholly owned subsidiary of Napp. Qdem has a team of 8 dedicated KAMs who cover the whole of the UK. We have had great success in gaining and maintaining market share with our branded generics Butec®, Longtec® and Shortec®.

Our other leading brands at Napp include Invokana® for Type II diabetes, Flutiform® for asthma and Remsima®, Truxima® and Herzuma® (biosimilars of infliximab, rituximab and trastuzumab).

We offer

Napp has exceptionally capable marketing, sales and market access matrix teams, which effectively build and grow originator products in competitive indication areas, and enjoy an excellent reputation in the NHS and with GPs and UK KOLs. Mundipharma has both a heritage and reputation for excellence in pharmaceutical marketing and sales around the world, and an excellent reputation with healthcare practitioners throughout our region.

We have the support and remit to grow quickly our Qdem UK generics business through the in-licensing and acquisition of assets. Our Qdem marketing and sales team consists of originator salespeople from within and outside of the Napp Pharmaceuticals business with superb payer, formulary and healthcare practitioner contacts, and has excellent experience for the launch of both complex and value added branded generics in the UK.

We are interested in:

We are looking for dossiers and supply across all therapy areas (but particularly respiratory, urology, CNS & gastroenterology) for the following:

Value add generics, with novel dose forms or strengths

Generic drug delivery devices

Other complex delivery forms

Delayed or complex release forms across all therapy areas

Napp is keen to explore partnership opportunities for NCEs, biologics, biosimilars, orphan medicines and generics.

We are not interested in

Immediate release generics.

Hospital tender only generics.

API. CRO, CSO or CMO services.

Ms Esi Scott-Arthur
Business Development & Licensing Manager 



Nathura SPA is an Italian manufacturer of food supplements, medical devices and functional cosmetics 

The Company is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and all products are manufactured with natural active ingredients.

Nathura is looking for business partners in the EU/European non EU/ MENA countries to whom prosposing both distribution and/or out-licencing agreements 

Our Portfolio:


Bowel wellbeing  : intestinal regularity, constipation, abdominal blowing

Sleep disorders: nocturnal awakenings, jet leg, stress, menopause

Metabolic disorders: Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD),metabolic syndrome, insuline-resistance


Vaginal disorders: regenerative complex to protect, moisture and soothe the vulvar mucosa (vulvo-vaginal atrophy)


Dermatologic treatment of superficial wounds/burns/ fissures

Mr Giorgio Amadori
Export Consultant 

Natrapharm Germany


NATRAPHARM,  Philippines

Core objective: To market pharmaceutical products through licensing and/or supply agreement with reputable international companies.

Organization: The total headcount is 600, among which 518 are field personnel and 82 in head office (top executives, marketing, registration, finance and HR).

NATRAPHARM Inc. is mainly focussing on antiinfectives, antibiotics, anti-asthma, anti-allergy, pediatricians. The management, the distribution and the services are common to both companies, Natrapharm Inc. and Patriot Pharmaceutical corporation. PATRIOT PHARMACEUTICAL CORPORATION handles cardiology and metabolic, neurology, psychiatry, surgery, pain management, and nephrology.

Sales performance: Natrapharm Group has one of the highest growth rate of the ethical market.

Natrapharm Group is ranking between the 10 leading pharmaceutical companies with more than 70 million US$ (combined drugstore and hospital sales less OTC) and is 2nd largest Filipino pharmaceutical company in the Ethical Segment.

Natrapharm expertise & strengths:

Long experience of partnership with multinational companies

An efficient registration department.

Own distribution.

A strong, well trained and motivated promotional force

Licensors: International companies having licensed products to Natrapharm e.g.

Sanofi-Aventis (Phils.), Abbott (Phils.), Ferrer Laboratorios (Spain), Apotex (Canada), MSD (Phils.), Stada (Germany), Samjin (Korea), Ildong (Korea)

We offer:

The organisation has been built in such a way, that NATRAPHARM has the capacity to market quickly additional products and /lines from new principals.


They have to fit inside NATRAPHARM/PATRIOT current lines and not to compete internally.

They are not necessarily new products but must be marketed in their country of origin and have an up to date registration dossier.

They can also be products already marketed in the Philippines but which is either very little or no longer promoted by the principal due to other priorities.

NATRAPHARM can either take care of a new line if the products can reach a certain level of growth or NATRAPHARM can host the line. In such case, the responsibility remains with the principal.

In any case , NATRAPHARM is looking for a long term relationship between the principal and NATRAPHARM. NATRAPHARM as 2nd largest Pilipino ethical company is open for co-marketing of innovative products from multinationals.

We are interested in:

Ethical, unique, add-on generic products (also niche products) as well as medical food with indication and clinical trials, metoprolol, clonidine, diltiazem, rosuvastatin, nicardipine inj. with CDT format dossier, climate zone IV stability.


Dr. Thomas Högn

International Advisor and Member of the Executive Committee

Natrapharm, Inc., Philippines

Moselstrasse 5

50859 Köln


Tel.: +49 (0) 172 2910525

Dr Thomas Högn
Dr Thomas Högn
LinkedIn logo International Advisor Natrapharm 

Nestle Skin Health Switzerland

Mr Luu Truong
Global Head of Business Development Consumer Care 


Dr Michael Motz

NGA United Kingdom

Mr Adam Collins

Nicholas Hall Consultancy United Kingdom

Senior Consultant at Nicholas Hall Consultancy. I am the Head the M&A and Licensing department as well as manage strategic consultancy projects (e.g. market entry, product launches, pricing, etc). I, along with my team have helped global pharma companies and private equity firms find suitable acquisition and licensing opportunities. Let's meet to discuss how Nicholas Hall Consultancy can help you. 

Mr Ammar Basit
LinkedIn logo Senior Consultant 

Norgine Limited Netherlands

Mrs Anais Fougairole
Mrs Anais Fougairole
LinkedIn logo C&BD Project Manager 

onkovis GmbH Germany

-        Looking for in-licensing opportunities of oncological products and

                                            related therapeutic areas such as anti-emetic products etc.

-        Solely sales and marketing of branded oncological generic products

-        only in Germany

Mr Marc Kuehnelt
Managing Director